Happy New Year! It’s January, which means designers everywhere have been busy predicting which trends will be hot—or not—in 2023. At HESTIA, we also thought we’d highlight five of the design trends we expect to see a lot of this year.

1.  Elevated Shaker Style Cabinets

Since raised panel cabinets fell out of fashion, Shaker style cabinets have been the overwhelmingly popular choice for new kitchen and bath cabinets in American homes. With their simple picture frame profile and flat back panel, Shaker style cabinets are stylistically neutral enough to complement almost any design aesthetic.

Since Shaker style cabinets are so versatile, they won’t be going anywhere soon. However, over the last year or so we’ve started seeing more variations in Shaker doors hit the market, and we fully expect that this trend will pick up momentum in 2023. From angles to steps to ogees at the inside edge of the outer frame (technically known as the stiles and rails), there are a lot of attractive new options now available that add interest and detail to the basic Shaker door.

Woodharbor Door Style “Augusta” Maple in Sage finish

From a color and finish perspective we’re also seeing new trends. More people are choosing taupes, grays, blues, greens, and stained woods for their cabinets instead of installing all painted white. Incorporating multiple finishes in the same space is also hugely popular, especially in larger kitchens, and we feel this trend will continue to grow this year too.

Cabinets in multiple finishes can add a more custom, high end look to a kitchen. Photo courtesy of Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry.


These light blue cabinets are a playful and sophisticated alternative to basic white!

2.  Flexible Home Office

Remote work appears to be here to stay, and therefore integrating a home office or workspace into a project has become a standard program requirement. In fact, we are often asked to plan a separate workspace for each adult in the home, and looking ahead we fully expect this trend will continue to be popular. In terms of space planning, general requirements for an excellent home office include designating a separate room with a door that closes for better sound isolation and having at least one window to provide natural daylight and access to views. No one wants to work in a cave, and in fact science has proven that working in an environment with a connection to nature boosts productivity and wellbeing.

Flexibility is also a major buzz word when it comes to working from home. For most people it’s simply not feasible to dedicate one or more rooms in the house solely to offices, so flexing between functions without it being a huge undertaking is a frequent request. We’ve had recent clients look at combination Murphy bed and desk built-ins, like this one from California Closets, as a way to get more use out of limited space. For the most part those clients will use the room as a home office, but on those occasions when guests come to stay, then the room is a snap to convert.

This Murphy bed from California Closets offers great flexibility in using limited space for multiple functions.

3.  Nature Inspired Paint Colors

Many of the major paint companies introduce a “color of the year” each fall that is intended to be given special attention all through the following year. The different manufacturers’ colors are not similar across brands, but what we did notice as a general trend was that most of the companies have selected shades for 2023 that are muted, soothing colors inspired by nature, with one exception.

Here is a brief rundown of the bigger paint companies’ colors of the year (these are the brands we primarily specify for our projects):

Sherwin Williams’ color of 2023 is a muted and warm pinkish tan color called Redend Point. On their website, they describe the pick as “minimal yet cozy” and go on to say, “this color creates a comforting backdrop for the everyday moments that matter.”

SW 9081 Redend Point is Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is called Raspberry Blush, which they describe as a “vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink” that “enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.” As noted in the description, Raspberry Blush is not a soft, soothing color. And maybe we were imagining shade being thrown at Sherwin Williams where none was intended, but our eyebrows did raise a little reading the words “never a backdrop, Raspberry Blush is the definition of charismatic color.”

2008-30 Raspberry Blush is Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year

Farrow & Ball took a different approach than their fellow paint companies and did not release a color of the year at all. Instead, they introduced eleven new shades for 2023 that span most of the color spectrum: creams, pinks, greens, blues, a dark gray, and one spicy chili red as a pop of brighter color. Farrow & Ball describes the collection as “colors inspired by moments of joy, comfort and refreshment to bring delight to your decorating.”

4.  Maximalist Design

There will always be a place for clean neutrals and simplicity, but maximalism is certainly having a moment right now! Vibrant colors, moody colors, patterned fabrics, wallcoverings, and textures on textures seem to be trending everywhere, and we’re excited to see this trend stay popular for a while!

This recent HESTIA project has a maximalist “light” aesthetic. There are a lot of layered textures, colors, and patterns in the space, but the big windows, light walls, and vaulted ceiling keep the room from feeling cluttered.


An elegant and softly romantic example of maximalist design by Lilse McKenna. Photo by Read McKendree.


That’s not to say that maximalist design needs to feel jumbled or overloaded with lots of things; rather, we see maximalism as being a willingness to embrace bolder design choices. Intentional design is still needed for cohesion and balance in a space, but the idea of surrounding oneself with more than gray, white, and boring deserves some praise.

In addition to the bold visual statement associated with maximalist design, there is also a sentimental quality to maximalism that feels warm and comforting. Be bold, use color, and layer textures, but also bring in art and accessories that you love and that have meaning for you.

5.  Dramatic Powder Rooms

Dramatic powder rooms are what all our clients are asking for right now. We’re seeing dark and moody colors, wallpapers with big patterns, and lots of fun, statement light fixtures. One could make the argument that dramatic powder rooms are an offshoot of the maximalist design trend, but we wanted to list this trend separately because the powder room is where pretty much everyone throws restraint out the window in favor of fun and whimsy. Wallpapers are especially popular as a way to make a bold statement, so we thought we would highlight a couple that have caught our eye recently.


One of HESTIA’s current clients is considering this deGournay “Deco Monkeys” wallpaper for their upcoming powder room renovation.


This Hygge & West wallpaper called “Piedmont” is Val’s current favorite for a powder room. Very hunt country appropriate!


Claire is a big fan of this “Deco Martini” wallpaper by Divine Savages because it is undeniably bold and dramatic, the pattern is almost hypnotizing, and it’s metallic!


In terms of design, 2023 looks like it’s going to be a bold and colorful year. Do you agree or disagree? What trends are you excited about?